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Standard Mailbox

gap Restrictor open

Aperture Restrictor

The size of a mailbox aperture height can be reduced to add an additional level of security to…

COM 1 Mailbox

The COM 1 mailbox is a popular solution for our range of classic mailboxes used by both commercial…

Eurobox Mailbox

The Eurobox mailbox is a wall mounted mailbox that securely stores deposited mail until later retrieval. Mail items…

FlapLock FL01

The FlapLock™ FL01 lockable letterbox flap is a simple to fit, neat and affordable item which helps to…

MEFA Adagio Mailbox

The popular MEFA Adagio storage box is an open storage box that is used to easily hold items…

MEFA Easy Mounting Kit

The MEFA Easy Mounting Kit is used to securely fix freestanding parcel boxes and mailbox stands to the…

MEFA Journal Mailbox

The MEFA Journal mailbox is a design-led storage solution that is typically a wall mounted mailbox externally outside…

MEFA Judo Mailbox

The MEFA Judo mailbox is a wall mounted post box with a difference – perfect for the modern…

MEFA Letter Mailbox

The MEFA Letter wall mounted mailbox features a very characteristic design inspired by the classic envelope, in a…

MEFA Mounting Plate 35

The MEFA A35 Mounting Plate is for use with mailboxes on uneven walls or surfaces. The mounting plate…

MEFA Pearl Mailbox

The MEFA Pearl wall mounted mailbox is a popular individual product typically used externally securely storing both mail…
P22 Stand - Black

MEFA Pole 22 Stand

The MEFA Pole 22 Stand is a secure arched pole that can be combined with a large number…