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In Difficult Times Businesses Supporting Businesses Makes a Difference

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Our Managing Director and CEO, Alison Orrells recently interviewed with Business News Wales about how manufacturing organisations like Manufacturing Wales have helped and aided companies like The Safety Letterbox Company in helping overcome the challenging time, such as the Covid Outbreak. Being part of Manufacturing Wales has helped businesses connect with each other to advise on what can help the manufacturing sector.

Some of the highlights:

  • Communication is key. Understanding problems that we have in the manufacturing sector can be shared and understood by others.
  • Through Covid businesses shared ideas and resources to help overcome the strain the pandemic had on businesses. Manufacturing Wales was extremely useful and gave businesses insights on how to build the brand.
  • Ideas about protecting the UK’S manufacturing sector and the price pressures.
  • The huge shift to digital communications and the effects it has on businesses
  • How do staff cope with the huge pressures of cutbacks and also doing multiple jobs?

If you want to listen to the full interview, click the link below.

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Alison Orrells, Managing Director & CEO of The Safety Letterbox Company said:

“It’s difficult to plan and invest and continue on a growth path as manufacturers. There have been so many curveballs thrown at you it’s challenging to know whether your plans will be well-executed”.

“Championing and Future-Proofing Manufacturing Across Wales”

Manufacturing Wales is a new voice representing the vision and ambitions of manufacturers across Wales.

A collaborative consortium created specifically to help meet the complex needs of Welsh-based manufacturers, raising the credibility of Welsh brands, maximising supply chain opportunities and building-in resilience for member organisations

Learn More –  Manufacturing Wales

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