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We’ve Taken the Pledge! – Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

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The Safety Letterbox Company has taken the pledge to work alongside Time to Change Wales in changing the stigma surround Mental Health.

Hannah Lewis, HR Manager of The Safety Letterbox Company said,

“It’s important to show all our employees how dedicated we and how much we care towards their mental health. To start with, our managers and supervisors have undergone Mental Health first aid training, and we introduced a Well-Being board which includes advice, helpful contact numbers and events and activities section”.


Our Managing Director and CEO, Alison Orrells recently interviewed with Business News Wales to discuss the growing support needed for employee mental health and how The Safety Letterbox Company are taking steps to ensure employee wellbeing is an important part of the future.

Some key steps The Safety Letterbox Company has made so far are:

  • Having continuous open communication and transparency with the employees.
  • Creating a safe and caring environment, where people feel they can work to the best of their ability and share any thoughts or feelings they may have.
  • Invested in training 20% of our staff in a Mental Health First Aid course.
  • Working towards getting rid of any stigma towards Mental Health and addressing the talking points.
  • Appointed a new HR Manager who works towards developing wellbeing processes within our structure and system.
  • Include internal collaborations within the working environment to build skills and the feeling of community.
  • Introducing the question ‘What can we do to ensure we provide the right environment for you’ in interviews for potential new employees.

Mental health Is an issue that is not going away and needs to be continuously addressed in a workplace. Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we are fully committed to the mental wellbeing of our staff and will strive to progress the processes within the company to support Mental Health.


If you want to listen to the full interview, click the link below.

Alison signing pledge

About Time to Change Wales

Time to Change Wales is a national campaign to improve knowledge and understanding about mental illness and to get people talking about mental health in order to improve working people’s wellbeing. Survey results show that, at any one time, 1 in 4 people are experiencing mental health problems, which can equate to approx 25% of staff in a workplace. By being able to talk more openly about our mental health at work, the working lives of people experiencing mental health problems can be greatly improved and sickness absence greatly reduced.

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