Red fire rated mailboxes
Red fire rated mailboxes

‘Building a Better Future’ with our 120 Minute Fire Rated Mailboxes

Despite COVID challenges, the last 12 months have been proactive at The Safety Letterbox Company. Not only have we developed, tested and launched a new TS009 Secured by Design mailbox, but we have also invested in additional testing for our 2-hour fire rated mailboxes: FR1, FR2, and FR3.
Our fire rated journey began in 2003, when we designed and manufactured the very first fire rated mailboxes on the market. These were then assessed by Warringtonfire to then BS 476 Part 22: 1987 standard, which meant that they had achieved a 60-minute fire rating.
However, we wanted to push our fire rated mailboxes even further. Over time, demand for fire rated mailboxes has grown, especially for use inside fire escape areas such as apartment lobbies and reception areas.
This demand enabled us to produce a fire rated range, which consists of three steel fire rated mailboxes (FR1, FR2 & FR3), which had all been assessed to BS 476 Part 22: 1987, thus achieving a 60-minute fire rating. In October 2019, all three fire rated mailboxes were individually tested for 120 minutes (2-hours integrity only) to comply with the new BS EN 1363-1:2012 standard.

Fire Rated with tree angle

Creating a new standard of products

Not content with resting on our laurels, in October 2020 we sent our range of fire rated mailboxes, which already had a 120-minute fire rating, to Warringtonfire for further testing in a variety of banking configurations. This included testing mailboxes as singles and as banks in order to see exactly how they would perform in a fire situation. They were also tested in popular configurations: wall-recessed, through the wall and surface-mounted.
The backs of the mailboxes were removed to simulate a fire behind or inside the boxes and they were placed in a furnace which reached 1030 degrees centigrade. The test was concluded at 136 minutes, with no failures. They showed no sign of movement or loss of integrity and as such we are totally confident that they perform as intended, in any sized bank and in any situation for two hours, thus complying to the new BS EN 1363-1:2012 standard.



“We are so proud of our positioning with Fire Rated testing as offering safe mail solutions has always been a top priority for us as a business. We have invested in this area for over 18 years now and with over 35 years’ experience as a reputable British designer and manufacturer, it is important we are seen to be a trusted voice with a quality product.
“We are always available to advise customers on the positioning and integration of fire rated products into their development, to ensure there is due consideration for the appropriate fixing methods required and to consider the performance and behaviour of the surrounding area and materials”.
Alison Orrells, Managing Director & CEO – The Safety Letterbox Company