Parcel Box UK by the Safety Letterbox Company
Parcel Box UK by the Safety Letterbox Company

Conference wins digital leader award 2017

Great award for MyRENZbox Parcel Box systems

The Erwin MyRENZbox Metal Factory has received the coveted Digital Leader award in the invent markets category for its “digital and safe” parcel box system. This award is bestowed on companies that deliver products that deliver digital transformation. The jury consisted of renowned members from business, science and media. A total of ten outstanding digitisation projects were honoured in Berlin on June 29th 2017.

The letter and parcel box manufacturer Renz has been developing an intelligent parcel box system since 2015, which makes it possible to receive and send goods – even when you are not at home. The so-called MyRENZbox networks delivery services as well as the property management and residents of apartment buildings. The range of functions include the parcel box system, the MyRENZbox app as well as an Internet portal for the facilities management team. At the same time, the access systems of the delivery services are also integrated.

Universal Connection and use

One of the challenges for the IT team at Renz was to find the right components for the Parcel box solution: a panel pc, electronic locks, lock controls, power supplies, readers and more. As a technological basis, the company has chosen the standard products from Microsoft and Red Hat. This ensures that universal connection and use of the system is possible. During the development of the app, the same procedure was chosen and the application was developed for all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows).

Judging criteria

The award is intended to honour the achievements in the digitalization of the companies and to applaud the leaders responsible. The criteria for selection by the jury were: open up new markets, link between traditional production and the latest software as well as services related to the product (training, service, support) – criteria that the innovative parcel box system fulfilled. With the MyRENZbox, both delivery and return are possible irrespective of the parcel service provider. The central management within the parcel box system takes place online via a user-friendly Internet portal. But the MyRENZbox can also be used for other industries. Construction and supermarkets, DIY companies and also industrial companies can use a parcel box system to store products ordered online or to send consignments to customers outside opening hours. Collection of the goods is simply achieved by means of a customer card or MyRENZbox-app. The MyRENZbox has already been installed as an employee installation. Employees can thus receive private parcels directly at their workplace and return without going through the company post room. In addition, the internal distribution of goods can be realised via the system.

Conference received the award in person

The market leader recognized the market need at an early stage and, through innovative technology with the MyRENZbox, found a timely solution that has the potential to change the future of parcel delivery. The award was received by the IT Director – Stefan Würtemberger and the software development manager Uwe Rudolph in Berlin in person. Around 250 decision-makers from business, politics and society took part in the festive gala, which took place under the auspices of Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economics and Energy. A total of ten winners were selected, including the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Continental AG, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH, spew SAG and Vorwerk International, Molecular Health GmbH, Fraunhofer-Institut for Graphic data processing IGD, Axel Springer SE and Football club Bayern München E. V.

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