The Fitzalan student accommodation project
The Fitzalan student accommodation project
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Coronavirus – Covid-19. ** UPDATE **

We are all finding ourselves in extremely challenging times.
As a responsible and established UK manufacturer we are planning and implementing methods and disciplines and restructuring carefully for the weeks and months ahead to ensure the safety of all involved and to provide minimal disruption to our manufacturing processes and in turn our customers.

It is vitally important we keep the working environment safe for all, throughout the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak and do everything possible to maintain business continuity. There are many many procedures we have implemented over the last few weeks to ensure we are preparing for all aspects of this crisis.
Please be assured that we have been working closely with our material suppliers, customers, stakeholders, employees, our whole Group, to help reduce the risk of infection, keep everyone safe and to drive business continuity proactively.

Office continuity:

Our goals are to minimise risk to our staff and maintain continuity by implementing remote working from home wherever possible, split shifts, no visitors, no external visits. Providing resources, forums and teams to communicate as a group throughout. The use of video meetings through Skype or Zoom are available for internal and external purposes and we also welcome any mediums you may wish to use in order to facilitate communication for use at this time. Demonstrations of our systems and group meetings are available remotely.

Factory continuity:

We have robust contingency plans in place and will endeavour to maintain output and production from our factory by protecting our workforce as much as possible, the use of PPE, rigorous cleaning and hygiene rules exist, regular temperature checking, segregation, splitting shifts and to minimise any opportunity for the virus to enter our building and spread. Any employees deemed to be high risk are removed or isolated from our working environment.
Our pipeline of raw materials has already been secured within the UK and is sufficient to take us through a prolonged period. We do not import goods from China and Italy. 96% of our products are manufactured in the UK, the remaining 4% come from our Group in mainland Europe.
This arrangement hopefully ensures that all office departments can maintain continuity from home as much as possible, with all departments functioning and the factory can maintain output.
As we continue into an ever-changing situation, we are constantly evaluating all potential risks and considering how to mitigate them best.
We will, of course, be influenced by external activity outside of our control, and as such, we will regularly be reviewing our situation.
I can absolutely assure you that our world-class, motivated and passionate team will pull together to get through this and do everything we can to maintain service and business for our customers. We are a responsible and established British manufacturer and will strive to operate with best practice throughout this process for as long as required.

Alison Orrells
Managing Director & CEO

Please Note:
We are in the process of transferring calls across to some remote departments, however, to ensure we deal with your requests quickly, please find a list of primary email addresses below to contact, they will allocate the communication to their teams, and someone will respond.

Mailbox Sales: 
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Parcelboxes / myRenzbox Sales: 
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]