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Build to Rent black myRENZbox

Decarbonisation | Are you contributing towards our net-zero goal?

Decarbonisation, lowing carbon emissions

This word is thrown around almost daily now, but the steps towards achieving it are not specific and not tangible. It is at least talked about, the reducing and ultimately eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.

Decarbonisation is an essential task for the future of our world.
The first step is making us ‘consciously incompetent’ as a world in this regard, next we need to switch to the next stage of being ‘consciously competent’ by putting actual actions in place to work towards and achieving specific goals.

To be fair urban planners, councils and governments are committing to the goals. The welsh government declared a climate emergency on the 29th of April 2019 to galvanise and trigger action across Wales to meet the challenge. On the 1st of May 2019, the National Assembly for Wales became the first parliament in the world to pass a climate change emergency declaration, and the next step is to increase legislative targets. The UK aims to reach net-zero by 2050. The UK government will not be enough to tackle the climate emergency. You only need to visit major cities like London and New York to realise that Wales ambitions are just a tiny part of the bigger picture.

Parcel Box Solution

There are, however, some fantastic future-proofed solutions that are readily available, which bring huge benefits, that can be introduced to satisfy the UK retail, residential, commercial and academic developments. These solutions would also provide a massive tick in the box for governments, councils and our massive carrier and logistic infrastructure.
Imagine a City Centre, all day and through much of the night delivery vehicles keep our world running. Picking up goods, moving them across the country, queuing in congestion to get to their destination and then in many cases having to repeat the last mile due to restricted access times for buildings, roads and human interaction (i.e. having to be in to receive goods)

Imagine you are the online shopper, you want convenience, you have a busy life, you moan because your daily commute is full of traffic, cars and lorries. You miss a delivery, or it gets delivered to a store, you have to rush to a depot or store to collect it, why does life have to be so stressful?

All the time, we are churning out carbon dioxide emissions.

Imagine a city centre with parcel boxes; these intelligent systems can be strategically placed for the retailer or carrier to deliver into guaranteed first time 24/7. The recipient can collect at their convenience, no waiting at home. Maybe they would select a parcel box en-route to their place of work, or in their apartment block, student accommodation, local garage forecourt, local shop or office block/area of work.

Imagine not missing a delivery.
Imagine delivering first time every time.
Imagine the reduction in vehicles on the road repeatedly making their journeys.
Imagine the impact on congestion.
Imagine the convenience and ease of use.
Imagine the environment of collecting your order, having a coffee, meeting with friends and making it part of your routine. Just imagine the impact parcel boxes could have on the decarbonisation goals!