Wembley inside with stairs
Wembley inside with stairs

NEW! 120-minute integrity FIRE RATED product


We were extremely proud to be the first manufacturer to produce 60-minute integrity only Fire-rated mailboxes back in January 2003, since then these products have been used in many developments throughout the UK and Ireland.

R&D is at the forefront of our business, and therefore considerable investment in this department ensures that the team operate in a continuous improvement environment.
In 2017 we recognised a need to revisit the testing and certification of the Fire-rated products, to investigate any further development opportunities within the aesthetics, longevity and durability of this mailbox range. During September 2019 all three Fire-rated products were submitted for further physical testing, the vertical box for wall mounting or recessing (FR1), the horizontal box also for wall mounting or recessing (FR2) and a through the wall box for posting in one side and retrieval on the other side (FR3).

The testing was held at Exova Warringtonfire. They simulated an environment, ensuring that the walls that would house the boxes during the process were built to interpret a real-life situation. Our Technical Operations Manager Keith Jones was in attendance and witnessed the testing up close, here’s what he had to say about the experience;

“Having worked at SLB since 2003 during the first fire-rated testing, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to attend this testing facility and witness our three products FR1, FR2 and FR3 undergoing an intensive, thorough testing first hand. Before being able to enter the test laboratory, I received a lengthy induction along with an in-depth briefing of how the products would be tested. The whole facility was impressive with an array of test furnaces.

The Safety Letterbox Company had a goal to achieve two-hour integrity, which was fully achieved as the testing was terminated at two hours and fifteen minutes. It was deemed unnecessary to continue as the mailboxes remained intact, but the test wall started to show signs of failure.
The mailboxes hit a maximum recorded temperature of 1069 degrees centigrade, and this was outstanding to watch and be able to take photographs and videos, I am incredibly proud to be part of such an innovative, forward-thinking team.”

On the 17th and 18th of September 2019 we successfully achieved two-hour integrity on all three of our Fire-rated mailboxes, we are now the only mailbox manufacturer to accomplish this through such physical testing.

Our CEO Alison Orrells states “We take our responsibility as a quality British manufacturer extremely seriously and always ensure that quality products are in the market. Everybody has a corporate social responsibility to produce and use products that are safe, sustainable and suitable. The testing and further development of this range hopefully demonstrate once again that we are always pushing the boundaries in mail and parcel delivery and are at the forefront of innovation in our field.”

The full report, including images and statistics, are available to our customers and Fire Officers upon request, providing peace of mind and reassurance that these products are thoroughly tested and approved by an industry-leading testing body.

We are proud to be at the forefront of mailbox design and manufacture and are members of the Made in Britain manufacturing community.

For any enquiries on this product please email [email protected] or call us directly on 01639 633525.