Introducing the fire-rated 2 mailboxes suitable for horizontally storing A4 sized mail for both front entry and front retrieval. The Fire Rated 2 mailbox has been developed to restrict the spread of fire for up to two hours only and if recessed into a fire-rated wall, will maintain the integrity of the fire-rated wall for up to two hours.

Fire-rated mailboxes include several specially designed features to meet fire rating standards BS EN 1363-1: 2012 which outline fire testing on building structures. The lock included in fire-rated products uses a fire cover which limits access to the mailbox lock.

The demand for fire-rated mailboxes has grown, especially for use inside fire escape areas such as apartment lobbies and reception areas. We wanted to extend the test to 2 hours to ensure that the area commonly used as an evacuation point could hold backfire or contain a fire for at least that time, giving everyone confidence in the product’s abilitiesODA 300 mailboxes, all polyester powder coated by SLB inhouse in Anodite Pale Gold with laser-cut cladding, digital combination locks and special font numbers, engraved and infilled to match the ‘way findings’ on the project.

The demand for fire-rated mailboxes has grown, especially for use inside fire escape areas such as apartment lobbies and reception areas.

To achieve this, we sent our fire rated mailboxes, which already had a 60-minute fire rating, to Warrington Fire for 120-minute integrity only test. In October 2019 and October 2020, we tested these mailboxes at Warrington Fire as singles and as banks to see exactly how they would perform in a fire situation. On both occasions, they passed the 2-hour test with no failures.

Product Type In Front /Out Front Horizontal
Dimensions (mm) 276W * 135H | 125H * 360D  *Denotes the stacking box (2nd row and above)
Aperture Dimensions (mm) 230W * 26H
Materials Zintec Steel
Standards Mailbox conforms to fire rating standards BS EN 1363-1: 2012 and EN13724 guidelines
Features Strategically placed intumescent closures with a fire-rated locking mechanism
Colours Finishes Any RAL colour from the standard colour range
Paint Specification Paint available that meets the London underground surface spread of flame specification BS476 Part 6 & 7

The Safety Letterbox Company’s research and development team have worked with Warrington Fire to become the first company to achieve a full fire rating (two-hour integrity) to BS EN 1363-1: 2012, on this specially designed group of products.

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Fire Rated Mailboxes 2

Fire rated surround

The Fire Rated 2 mailbox is manufactured using zinctec steel and comes complete with a range of features that ensure both the mailbox and the installation location complies with Fire Rating Standards.

Fire Rating features used on this mailbox include a locking cover, intumescent aperture seal and an inward sprung hinge flap.

The Fire Rated 2 mailbox forms a part of our horizontal product collection, ideal for projects that require a large number of banked mailboxes in a relatively small amount of space.

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