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Question: What is a through the wall post box?

Mailboxes designed and manufactured by The Safety Letterbox Company include solutions for every installation type including wall recessing, wall mounting, freestanding and use as a through the wall post box.

What is a through the wall post box?

A through the wall post box is a product that accepts mail deposits at the front of the item and allows for retrieval of deposited mail at the rear of the mailbox. The front side of the post box is typically situated on the external side of a property wall, and the rear side is located on the internal side of the wall; which is usually in a secured location only accessible through a locked property door.

Mail is posted into a mail aperture opening on the front of the mailbox and is securely stored in the product until a later time when the recipient retrieves the contents by opening the locked door on the rear of the post box using a coded key (2 coded keys are supplied with every mailbox we manufacture and supply as standard.

What through the wall post box meets Secured by Design Homes 2019 Guidelines?

The use of a COM 3 through the wall mailbox which features an aperture opening restrictor, conforms to the Secured by Design Homes 2019. Through the wall mailboxes are particularly popular in projects that have a strict security policy set out requiring entry doors to be secured at all times, and our mailboxes will conform to this requirement and meet the Secured by Design Homes 2019 Guidelines.

What through the wall mail box conforms to Fire Rating guidelines?

The Fire Rated 3 mailbox is a through the wall post box which has undergone full fire rating testing by Exova Warrington. For more information on this option, please visit our Fire Rated Post Boxes page.
There are two main categories of fire ratings that we offer with our post boxes which have been designed to meet differing levels of fire rating requirements: BS 476 Part 22 and Class 0 (Part 6 & 7).
The BS 476 Part 22 group of Fire Rated products contain a series of features and benefits that result in a ‘one hour integrity’ rating. As a result of many complex features, this product range is the more costly option, and satisfies the demands of the fire officer if a higher specification is required.
The Class 0 rating can be achieved by formally testing materials to BS476: Part 7 and Part 6. This group will satisfy the demands of fire protection in most cases, and provide an affordable alternative if Class 0 is required.
The Safety Letterbox Company have Part 6 & 7 tested products carried out by EXOVA Warrington fire that have complied with the requirements for Class 0 surface spread of a material or composite product, as defined in para A13b of Approved Document B, ‘Fire Safety’ to the Building Regulations 2000.

At The Safety Letterbox Company, our Research and Development team worked with Exova Warrington to become the first company to achieve full Fire Rating (one hour integrity only) to BS 476 Part 22, on this specifically created group of products. We continue to push the boundaries and be at the forefront of Fire Rated product advances, we are currently investing in further testing and R&D to enable us to expand the range in this area.

How many mailboxes can be fitted through the wall?

If you have a requirement for a large number of through the wall mailboxes to secure mail deliveries, then the quantity of through the wall mailboxes that can be installed into one location only depends on the available space that you have. Our clients will usually have detailed project drawings that elaborate on how much room it is that is available for fitting mailboxes into. They will also know how many properties it is in the development that will need their mail secured. The combination of these two pieces of information will allow our technical sales department to select a suitable through the wall mailbox, and then produce detailed CAD drawings that can be signed of by the client.

What colour can through the wall mailboxes be finished in?

Through the wall mailboxes are available in any finish from our RAL colour range as standard, or can be supplied in any other RAL colour finish at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information about the finishes available for through the wall mailboxes.
Want to secure your mail through a wall? Use our versatile mail in front / out back post boxes available for both single and multi-occupancy configurations.