Red SALTO - Postboxes
Red SALTO - Postboxes

SALTO Electronic Mailboxes solution for Warwick University

The Sherbourne Hall of Residence at The University of Warwick has selected a lockable SALTO electronic mailbox solution. To handle Sherbourne’s student mail in a secure, controlled environment, the university uses SALTO electronic mailboxes. These will protect against mail theft and identity fraud, provide increased security and access control to individual mailboxes with full traceable entry.

The mailboxes will be integrated with the existing SALTO access control system which is already in place across the campus, eliminating the need and expense of having to issue replacement keys to students as they will be able to operate and access their mailbox with their existing student ID card and room key.

Benefits of using Electronic Post Boxes

  • – Integration with existing SALTO system on the development
  • – One card can access all systems – great for delivery recipients
  • – Removal of need for replacement locks and keys
  • – A modern technology for ever-changing requirements
  • – Real-time access to post box with SALTO access card
  • – Full access logs available for administration staff
  • – Reduced administration requirements

The Safety Letterbox Company commented on this project:

“By incorporating the Salto locking option onto our mailboxes The University of Warwick have not only increased the security of their mailing systems but have also reduced the cost and administration time of re-issuing lost keys to students”

The mailboxes in this project have been finished in a Carmine Red (RAL 3002) and a Window Grey (RAL 7040) polyester powder coated finishes on their respective banks of post boxes. Each mailbox has been fitted with a SALTO electronic lock that is finished in a contrasting black colour. More information about the standard RAL colour finishes is available on the RAL colour chart.

The electronic SALTO locks on this project are extremely straight forward to retrieve delivered mail items from the box. The recipient approaches the product and using a SALTO key card, they place this on top of the lock. Once the lock detects the card via it’s electronic componentry, it checks as to whether the recipient has been granted access to the mailbox.
If the recipient has been granted access, then the switch on the lock can be turned clockwise, releasing the door and providing access to the delivered contents. If the recipient has not been granted access, then the switch on the lock will not turn clockwise and the mailbox will remain locked.

This type of product is extremely popular and a quick visit to the SALTO website shows the versatility available by incorporated this lock into your project.

A Warwick University project feature is available on our case studies page.
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