Student Mailbox Focus – Howard Gardens, Cardiff

The Howard Gardens project in Cardiff in student accommodation residence that is home to hundreds of students located in the heart of Cardiff city centre.
The project in Cardiff features numerous banks of mailboxes to securely store mail deliveries for the multi-occupancy residence.
The mailboxes used in the project are recessed into the wall to maximise the amount of available space in the installation location and ensure that access through entry and exit routes are not hindered by protruding mailboxes.

Project Features

  • – Numerous banks of mailboxes securely storing the mail of hundreds of residents
  • – Located in the reception lobby area for easy access by residents and staff depositing & retrieving mail
  • – Mailboxes finished to meet specific project requirements
  • – Wall-recessed to maximise available space in location

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Popular Student Accommodation Projects

The Neighbourhood – Cardiff City Center

Welcoming mailboxes at a Cardiff student accommodation residence featuring the cost-effective MODA model in a stainless steel (304L grade) and Pure White (RAL 9010) finish.

  • – Enhancing the design of the residence
  • – Versatile use of the MODA model of mailbox
  • – Maximising storage in a restriced amount of space

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Scape Student Living – Corsham Street, London

The Scape Student Living – Corsham Street project features numerous banks of freestanding MODA mail boxes located in the entrance lobby to the student accommodation building.

  • – Fitted back-to-back to maximise available space
  • – Multi-colour finishes to enhance design of location

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Warwick University – SALTO Mailboxes

The Claycroft Halls of Residence at The University of Warwick use banks of SALTO electronic mailboxes that have been integrated into existing intelligent access systems.

  • – Integration with existing university access systems
  • – Electronic components for real-time usage statistics and management

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