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The Parcel Delivery Security Issue

We understand how important it is that every single item ordered online is delivered and left in a secure location until you are able to retrieve it. It’s now incredibly common to see parcels left in insecure locations such as recycling boxes in a front garden, on your doorstep or in outdoor storage spaces.

What’s being said about parcel delivery issues


The delivery process of parcels in America allows for parcels to be left in the porch of properties, often in an insecure place where the delivery can simply be picked up and raken away by a thief. In America, this issue has been recognised as a significant risk and media outlets have run stories on this problem, often labelling the thieves as ‘porch pirates’.

  • USA Today: ‘Package theft hits nearly one-third of Americans. Is video surveillance the answer?’ Read the story.
  • CNBC: ‘Watch out for ‘porch pirates’ who want to steal your holiday gift packages’ Read the story.

The very same issue happens here in the United Kingdom, but the awareness of this risk is not as well known, although the Express newspaper ran a story in December 2017 about how common this issue really is:

  • Express: ‘Black Friday Delivery THIEVES: 1 in 5 UK packages missing as thefts surge before Christmas’ Read the store.

Choosing the right parcel drop box for the job

Let’s be honest about it, we are certain that making the initial investment in a parcel drop box will be worth it and will make a noticeable positive difference to your life. We are obviously keen to point out the benefits that parcel boxes can bring to your life, but, they are something that thousands of residents in the United Kingdom are using to securely store their parcel deliveries and are thoroughly happy about.

Parcel boxes used in individual properties typically use products from the MEFA Range. The MEFA range of parcel delivery boxes features a comprehensive collection of secure products that allow for parcels to be delivered in to them at any time of the day or night, whilst ensuring that all deposits are kept safe and secure until a later time when the recipient opens the parcel box with a coded key.

How do our parcel boxes actually work?

The functionality of a parcel box varies depending on which model it is that you look at, but the general process is as follows for a manual type parcel box:

  • – The delivery personnel opens the loading door (typically a front pull-down door tbut may be a top-loading door)
  • – Once the door is opened, a tray is raised for the delivery personnel to place the parcel on
  • – When the parcel has been placed on the tray, return the loading door to its original position
  • – This will lower the internal tray and deposit the parcel into the body of the box
  • – The resident receives a notification from their courier stating that their parcel has been delivered
  • – The recipient opens the parcel box using a coded key, retrieving the deposited items

As I’m sure you will agree, the process for delivery and retrieving items with a MEFA parcel box is straightforward and will keep your deliveries secure until you are able to retrieve them.

Why would I invest in a parcel box?

No more wasted time

Once you have your parcel box installed, you are now free to enjoy your day as you wish – no more waiting around for parcel deliveries, get on with your day and enjoy it! How can you put a price onto the new found freedom in your life?

100% delivery rate

The ability to accept parcel deliveries at your home completely removes the issue around missed deliveries, or deliveries that have been left in an insecure location. Receive parcels 100% of the time, no matter what time of day or night, whether you are at your home or out, and from wherever you have purchased your product from.

Remove the monetary and emotional issue of missed deliveries

Purchasing products online comes at a cost, both at a monetary value and also at an emotional level.

Parcel deliveries that are either missed, or even stolen after being left in an insecure location can mess up your plans if your purchase if for a loved ones birthday that is shortly coming up.

A parcel box would completely eliminate this issue

Remove the risk of parcels being stolen from insecure locations

Installing a parcel delivery box outside of a home ensures that deliveries are not able to be kept in an insecure location. Insecure locations are exactly that – insecure. Parcel delivery boxes are secure.

Our range of products are as economically viable as possible when considering the strength and quality of features used on the parcel box. All features have been tested to ensure maximum security of deliveries and to experience a long product lifespan.

The next-day repeat delivery attempt issue

There are few things more annoying when ordering items online than a missed delivery note stating that it will be redelivered on the next working day. In the majority of cases, the reason you missed the parcel delivery in the first place was that you were working on a ‘working day’, and now the parcel is going to be delivered on the next ‘working day’, when surprise surprise – you are also working on that day!

A parcel box would completely eliminate this issue.

The different types of parcel boxes available

The range of MEFA parcel boxes features a number of different types of parcel drop boxes, including options for both fitting on a wall (we call this wall mounting) and fitting to the floor (we call this freestanding). A variety of finishes are available (including black, silver, white, green, blue, grey and others), and products with a huge variety of mail capacities up to a massive 96 litres of mail and parcel delivery storage at once.

myRENZbox Intelligent Parcel Box Solutions

myRENZbox intelligent parcel box solutions not only provide a secure location for your parcels they also ensure your personal information is protected during the delivery process, in full compliance with GDPR.

From a physical standpoint, a robust steel construction combined with either single or multipoint electronic locking options ensures that all courier deliveries are safely stored for later collection. What’s more these web connected systems ensure there is a complete record of all deliveries from who made the delivery to the date and time each delivery was made.

The same is also true for collections or when myRENZbox is used to make unwanted returns. In all cases, there is a full audit trail of all parcel transactions be they deliveries, collections or returns.

Parcel collections are extremely secure and parcel collection can only be made by using PIN protected or data encrypted authentication. In simple terms, this means only the parcel recipient can collect their parcels. Unless that is, they generate a single time collection code for a friend or relative to collect on their behalf.

Even temperature sensitive goods such as fresh food, flowers or prescription medicines can be securely delivered and safely stored in a temperature controlled environment when used with the myRENZbox chilled and frozen locker options.

Parcel box security is tested in accordance with CEN/TS 16819 the European standard which defines the technical features of parcel boxes for end use. One of the highest levels of security,’ security grade 5’ can be achieved when specifying the myRENZbox solution.

In every respect myRENZbox parcel boxes, give you total piece of mind.

Check out this video below from George Howell on Twitter, this delivery company left his parcel delivery in a wheelbarrow!