The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd STATEMENT | LEAD TIMES during COVID-19

Our factory is currently temporarily ‘paused’, while we establish the most appropriate and beneficial timings to operate in line with our customer’s needs and the government guidelines, supporting our NHS and the safety of all involved.
Many customers sites are currently temporarily closed too, and we are monitoring this situation hourly over the coming days and weeks.
When we return to our manufacturing operation, hopefully very soon, we will update all our customers regularly and will endeavour to achieve our 4-6 week lead time of manufacture. Starting from the date, both parties discuss, commit and agree to the following procedure:

1. Both parties will discuss the customers specific schedule required and the operational flexibility at that point.
2. A lead time will be calculated depending on current demand at that particular time (hopefully within our standard range of 4-6 weeks)
3. The manufacture will commence*
4. Upon completion of production, the customer’s site must be available to receive the goods as agreed at stage 1.
5. Upon delivery, their accounts department are open to process payment for goods supplied.

* if Pro-forma terms apply, then payment must be received at stage 3, to ensure there is no delay in the manufacture, ensuring maximum efficiency for output and allowing maximum loading to satisfy as many customer requirements as possible.
Our offices remain operational and available to discuss any Mailbox and Parcelbox requirements you may have and please inform us of any deadlines and schedules you may also have. We can assure you we will do all we can to satisfy our safety obligations for ourselves and others. We will try to ensure our customers are happy, fully informed with arrangements and providing continuity in whatever way we can during this challenging situation.
We thank you for your patience and understanding and for supporting British manufacturing. Please find our office team contact details here.

Alison Orrells