Wall Mounted Postboxes
Wall Mounted Postboxes

What is a Wall Mounted Post Box? FAQ’s

Mailboxes designed and manufactured by The Safety Letterbox Company include solutions for every installation type including wall recessing, wall mounting, freestanding and use as a through the wall post box.

What is a wall mounted post box?

A wall mounted post box is a product that is fitted onto a property wall, either externally or internally, attached to the wall using fixings through ‘fixing holes’ in the rear panel of the post box. Mail is typically entered at the front or top of the post box, securing items until the recipient retrieves them through a locked door on the front face of the post box.
Wall mounted post boxes are available in many different capacities, orientations and sizes, and can meet criteria such as Fire Ratings and Secured by Design Homes 2016.

What type of wall can post boxes be mounted onto?

Post boxes can be mounted onto walls featuring sufficient strength, typically constructed using brick or blockwork. If fixing to a wall that uses a render or other similar material, then a fixing must be made through the material and into the brickwork behind. This is extremely important as a wall mounted post box that has a full capacity of post will put pressure on the fixing points and the area immediately around them, ensuring that the fixings secure the post box to a sufficiently strong material is essential.

Do I need additional support when fixing my post box to a wall?

Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we supply mailboxes for both single and multi-occupancy residences, and depending on the quantity of mailboxes you use, you may need additional support to aid the fixing of the post boxes to the wall.
Additional supports include items such as cantilever support brackets, support tables and legs.

Instructions for fitting a post box onto a wall?

1. Using the mailbox you have purchased, open the front door and hold the post box up onto the wall. Using a spirit level, ensure the post box is level and straight. The height that the post box is fitted at is generally around 1400mm from the floor level to the top of the post box.
2. Once the post box is level on the wall and positioned on to the desired height and location, mark the wall through the fixing holes in the rear panel of the wall.
3. When the fixing points have been marked onto the wall, move the post box and place it in a secure location away from the area where you will drill next.
4. Drill the wall using suitable drill bits, and place wall plugs into the drilled holes.
5. Place the post box against the wall and line up the fixing holes with the prepared wall holes and fix through the back panel of the post box into the prepared holes.
Please note, if you are fitting a Fire Rated post box to a wall and you do not use all of the holes, then a fire rated intumescent sealant should be used to seal the fixing holes.

Where can I find out more about wall mounted post boxes?

You can find out more information about this range by visiting the Wall Mounted Post Box web page. Of course, if you have a specific question about wall mounted post boxes that we have not covered on this page, then you can Contact Us for more information.

I’m looking for a wall mounted post box for my home

We are a manufacturer of post boxes for both commercial projects (think large ‘banks’ of post boxes in a lobby area of a tower block) and for domestic use (domestic is the everyday home owner looking for a stylish and secure way to store their post).

We have a huge range of post boxes that can be used for securely storing post deliveries outside of your home, and have included a small selection of our most popular products below.

Do you supply cast iron mail boxes?

Unfortunately we do not supply cast iron mail boxes at the moment. Our post boxes are manufactured using high-quality zintec steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium – all of which offer similar material characteristics to cast iron.

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