Christmas multi-coloured mailboxes
Christmas multi-coloured mailboxes
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Don’t worry about mailbox security when you buy from The Safety Letterbox Company

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It’s that time of year again, where mail and parcel deliveries are expected to hit an all-time high. According to Finder’s research it is expected that “the average British adult will also fork out £548 on Christmas gifts in 2021, a £72 increase from 2020’s budget of £476 and just £35 more than Christmas spend in 2019.”

Due to covid restrictions and guidelines it is safer for people to have mail and parcels delivered for them, rather than them going out themselves. This can lead to problems regarding security of your items. It was reported by Citizens Advice that 5 million people had their deliveries lost or stolen last year. This works out that, for every minute that passed ten parcels were lost or stolen over a 12-month period.

Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we have made it our goal to combat these issues head on with or range of products that increase mailbox security, making sure that your deliveries are as safe as they can be over the Christmas period.

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Secured by Design TS009:2019 Certified Mailboxes

SLB 2020 – V Letterbox

The SLB 2020 – V Letterbox is a robust and long-lasting mail solution that utilises many security features to conform to the Secured by Design TS009:2019 standard. The SLB 2020 – V Letterbox 1 is a vertical product that is suitable for both internal and external installation.

8 point locking door with a BS EN 1303:2015 certified lock, supplied with 2 keys as standard

Anti-theft/anti-fishing device so mail cannot be ‘fished’ out of aperture

Robust product materials ensuring it will remain in great condition for many years if maintained properly (note: maintenance guide available on request)

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Aperture Restrictors

We have a variety of mailboxes that conform to the current EU Standards (EN13724) that are designed to ensure that mailboxes feature adequate mail aperture dimensions where items are posted.

The size of a mailbox aperture height can be reduced to minimise the risk of the product security being compromised and items being retrieved with the use of our Aperture Gap Restrictors. Please note, the adjustable gap restrictor can only be used with the Eurobox mailbox.

Two models of gap restrictors are available to combine with our mailbox range, either fitted at the time of manufacturing or retrospectively if an issue is experienced.

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Secure Locks

SLB Locking

We offer a wide variety of lockable post box options which have multiple security and aesthetic benefits.

From our standard lock which is unique to SLB, with the added reassurance that spare keys are not available elsewhere, through to high security cylinder locks, RFID and Digi-locks, you can be sure we can advise and offer you the most suitable lockable post and mailbox solutions for your project.

A wide choice of colours, finishes and styles are available to add further aesthetic value to the mailboxes.

Digital locking

Mailboxes can be integrated with digital locks that provide the user with immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key. The digital locks we offer have the flexibility to set and change their personal entry code whilst a pre-set master code ensures that supervisor access is always available at all times.

Additional locks can be supplied depending on aesthetics and security.

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 Door entry systems

Where a door entry system and a mailing system is required at the same location, it can be convenient to house the door entry system within the mailbox system thereby saving space and cost and resulting in a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution.

As suggested in the Secured by Design Homes 2019 guide, part of the SBD initiative is to ensure the protection of both persons and property on virtually any property. Products that are compliant with the Secured by Design Homes 2019 guide features that have been developed with a security focus as the main priority.

A bank of heavy-duty mailboxes (with the option of fitting a gap restrictor to reduce the mail aperture size) plus anti vandal push buttons and door entry system, can provide even the most vulnerable of locations with a secure and durable solution. Entry is restricted to only authorised personnel providing a solution that will withstand the most challenging of locations.

COM 3 Mailboxes with Door Entry System
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 One less thing to worry about

We all know how stressful Christmas time can be, that’s why we supply all the necessary items to relieve all your delivery uncertainties. Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, the security of mailboxes and parcel boxes is an area of development that we are continually reviewing and developing to increase the overall security of our products. So you know you’re in safe hands!

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No-obligation consultation

We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

Simply complete and submit the form and we will get back in touch to talk through your requirements.

We also provide Autocad drawings as required – it’s all part of the service!

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