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Introducing our fully tested Fire rated parcel range – myRENZbox Modula – 2 Hour Fire Rated Parcel Boxes.

As a UK leading mail and parcel manufacturer, we invest in continuous innovation and R&D to bring new, specification and conforming products to the market with the highest of standards.

These fire rated parcelboxes are able to contain or hold back a fire for 120 mins and tested by WarringtonFire in accordance with BS EN 1363-1: 2020.

They can be positioned on, in, through a wall or located freestanding.

Fireproof Letterbox, Fire Safe Mailboxes

The Safety Letterbox Company R&D team worked with Warringtonfire to become the first company to achieve full 2 hour Fire Rating (integrity only) tested to BS EN 1363-1:2020. This allows both parcelboxes and mailboxes to be safely housed within a fire rated area, wall or escape route when installed in accordance with guidelines*.

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In-depth Fire Rated Testing

myRENZbox Modula have been fully tested in the extreme conditions at Warrington Fire Research Laboratory. The test includes our products being recessed within a wall and backed into a furnace, with temperatures exceeding 1030 degrees Celsius.

In order to pass the test they need to withhold their integrity and not distort, release any gaps, ignite nor spread a flame. They therefore need to demonstrate they can contain or hold back a fire for 2 hours.

Full details of the test and report are available upon request.

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BS EN 1363-1: 2020 Compliant

Our Fire Rated myRENZbox Modula Parcel boxes are complaint with BS EN 1363-1 2020 after being fully tested by Exova WarringtonFire at the highest of standards to ensure they hold back or contain a fire for 2 hours. In line with the latest UK fire regulations, the test concluded and 132 minutes and therefore successfully passed. These are the first 2 hour parcel box solutions in the market.

Swansea Bay Business Award

Continuous Improvement

Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we are constantly looking at new ways to be innovative and pushing the boundaries for the mail and parcel market. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the industry by working with our expert R&D department to continuously improve our products and solutions.

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Cotech Biosafe

COTECH Biosafe coatings is an additional service we offer in partnership with Coatings Tech Limited. This incredible coating can be sprayed on top of your solution to preserve and maintain the life of you surfaces. It is also antibacterial and antimicrobial, which reduces the spread of unwanted bacteria by up to 99.9%. The coating is also Class 0 complaint in reducing the surface spread of flame.

Modula Features


Ideal For Multi-occupancy Properties

The MODULA range of parcel boxes has been developed to securely store parcels for multi-occupancy residences.


Extendible Solution To Meet Changing Requirements

The MODULA parcel boxes can be extended by integrating additional columns of products to meet increasing parcel delivery requirements.

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Delivering Efficiencies

The MODULA parcel box delivers efficiencies by minimising concierge involvement in the parcel management process.


Suitable For Both Internal and External Use

The myRENZbox Modula Parcel Box range is suitable for use in both internal and external covered locations.

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Futureproofed Parcel Boxes

The myRENZbox Modula box is flexible for future software process upgrades and adding new functionality to the system.


A Flair For Design

When it comes to parcel boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of both mail and parcel boxes, meaning we can tailor your intelligent parcel box to your exact needs.

myRENZbox Modula Column Options

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Control Module A

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Control Module B

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module A

Fire Rated extention Module B
myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module B

fire rated extention module c
myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module C

extention module d fire rated
myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module D

Extension module e fire rated
myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module E

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module F

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module G

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module H

myRENZbox Modula

Fire Rated Extension Module I

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