This incredible luxury development is situated on the site of the Royal Mail Group Depot, Sorting Office, Postal Museum, and the Royal Mail private underground railway network. A very significant project for us to be involved in not only for the relevance of Royal Mail but also because SLB manufactured and installed the Mount Pleasant sorting office mailboxes on this site over 20 years ago.

The Postmark sits on a 6-acre land which provides 681 new homes and 20,000 sq commercial space that will include a cinema room, relaxing lobbies a state-of-the-art gym and a roof terrace that looks over Farrington.

The Postmark is situated in Farringdon, London, only a 4-minute walk to the Charles Dickens Museum. The development is close to many high-end restaurants and only across the road from ST Andrews garden.


The Tile Mailbox

The Safety Letterbox Company supplied two different mailbox types for The Post Mark. After considering the specifications and the design of our projects, the Interior Designers chose the Tile mailbox and the FR2 mailbox.

The Tile mailbox is a unique model in many ways, boxes sit snugly next to each other due to the innovative SLB-developed hinge mechanism, allowing doors to open in their own space, hence the Tile appearance, other usual features are removed to simplify its appearance with a slot rather than a letter flap. The mailboxes also showcase our Vitreous Enamel finish. Vitreous Enamel is a thin layer of glass fused at a high temperature onto the metal surface.

This is the perfect finish for our Tile mailboxes as it gives the product a bespoke finish. This Tile mailbox is an in-front/out-front horizontal product making it safe and secure for the residents in the building. The Tile Mailbox is very versatile in colour options too, on this project, the Interior Designers required the mailboxes to be the same colour as the wall which was Polaris Blue (RAL 1649).

Postmark banner

Fire Rated Mailbox

The other mailboxes The Safety Letterbox Company supplied for this project were FR2, a 2-hour fire-rated mailbox that is suitable for horizontally storing A4-sized mail for both front entry and front retrieval. The Fire Rated 2 mailbox has been developed to restrict the spread of fire for up to two hours only and if recessed into a fire-rated wall, will maintain the integrity of the fire-rated wall for up to two hours. FR2 is the perfect mailbox solution when placed in the main emergency exit.

The FR2 is customisable, and The Postmark wanted a similar product to The Tile mailbox but with extra safety precautions. The FR2 mailboxes were all recessed and banked 3 high by 7 wide with the same Polaris blue colour making the mailboxes blend into the wall.  The Post Mark also wanted to make the mailboxes practical for their residents, so they added a standard engraving with black infill.