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6 reasons myRENZbox can ease the stress of Christmas

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6 reasons myRENZbox can ease the stress of Christmas


It’s that time of year again, present buying, long hours, missed deliveries, damaged goods left out in unsuitable places and endless trips to the post office to pick up presents because you popped out for 2 minutes or couldn’t be in the right place at the right time.

Whether it’s planning some Christmas shopping or receiving gifts from loved ones, parcel management doesn’t need to be unsecure, difficult or time consuming. This Christmas, why don’t you find a solution to all of the hassle and implement a myRENZbox parcel system.

The myRENZbox has been designed with you in mind, this fully scalable, intelligent parcel box is the perfect solution this Christmas season and any other holiday, birthday, anniversary, or event that comes after.

There are many reasons to implement a myRENZbox solution, here are six that are sure to take your interest…


24/7 – Implementing a myRENZbox Parcel solution enables you, and any other users to have 24’7 access to their parcel making it incredibly convenient to fit in parcel delivery around work, kids, events or other daily errands. You can opt to pick your parcel up at a time that suits you knowing each parcel is completely safe and dry until you are able to pick it up. Don’t switch your day around!


Secure – myRENZbox lockers, ensure that parcels are securely held for collection and that there is also a secure method of retrieval for users. The security of all registered users is preserved via either a unique PIN or an authorised electronic tag/door entry card.


Open to all Couriers – Never worry about where you are ordering from or who your courier will be as myRENZbox is open to all couriers, ensuring convenience and flexibility for all users.


Advanced technology – myRENZbox boasts many technological advantages, including a web portal for administrators to see live updates on the parcel management, a user-friendly app for receiving and returning items, and API integration for a streamlined business and parcel management solution for ease of use and maximum ROI.


Easy Returns – another aspect of receiving parcels is being able to return these parcels if needs be. A myRENZbox parcel solution not only allows you to receive parcels but also allows you to securely return them using any courier. This offers a full turnkey parcel delivery solution.


Anti-bacterial Coating & Contactless Delivery – myRENZbox offers an additional coating that can be sprayed onto all of our parcel solutions called COTECH BioSafe, offering 24/7 anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection. On top of this myRENZbox offers contactless delivery giving you peace of mind one parcel at a time.


As you can see a myRENZbox solution is the perfect addition to any reception, housing estate, student accommodation or residential living area. Give your space an additional stylish touch and your residents a state-of-the-art parcel management solution.

If you’d like to know more about the myRENZbox get in touch with the team today by completing the form below.

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