my renx box - Parcel delivery boxes

myRENZbox MODULA is a fully scalable intelligent parcel box system with proven functionality at the best price. The combination of hardware and unique RENZ software platform enables full automation of the parcel delivery, collection and returns process.


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Modula Features


Ideal For Multi-occupancy Properties

The MODULA range of parcel boxes has been developed to securely store parcels for multi-occupancy residences.


Extendible Solution To Meet Changing Requirements

The MODULA parcel boxes can be extended by integrating additional columns of products to meet increasing parcel delivery requirements.

White myRenzBox Paradise Street

Delivering Efficiencies

The MODULA parcel box delivers efficiencies by minimising concierge involvement in the parcel management process.


Suitable For Both Internal and External Use

The myRENZbox Modula Parcel Box range is suitable for use in both internal and external covered locations.

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Futureproofed Parcel Boxes

The myRENZbox Modula box is flexible for future software process upgrades and adding new functionality to the system.


A Flair For Design

When it comes to parcel boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of both mail and parcel boxes, meaning we can tailor your intelligent parcel box to your exact needs.

Parcel Box Projects

myRENZbox Modula Column Options

myRENZbox Modula Control Unit A
myRENZbox Modula

Control Module A

myRENZbox Modula Control Unit B
myRENZbox Modula

Control Module B

myRENZbox Control Module E
myRENZbox Modula

Control Module E

myRENZbox Extension Module A
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module A

myRENZbox Extension Module B
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module B

myRENZbox Extension Module C
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module C

myRENZbox Extension Module D
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module D

myRENZbox Extension Module E
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module E

myRENZbox Extension Module F
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module F

myRENZbox Extension Module G
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module G

myRENZbox Extension Module H
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module H

myRENZbox Extension Module I
myRENZbox Modula

Extension Module I