MEFA Magnum Parcel Box


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The MEFA Magnum parcel box is a large and extremely spacious product that is designed for securely storing a large amount of mail and parcels both at the same time. Parcels are entered at the top of the parcel box and contents are retrieved via the locked door on the front face of the product.

  • Dimensions (mm): 515H x 430W x 255D
  • Capacity: 24 litres
  • Fitting: Wall mounted
  • 12 year rust-perforation guarantee
  • 2 year manufacturer parts guarantee
  • Colour: Jet Black (RAL 9005)

In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

About the MEFA Magnum Parcel Box

The MEFA Magnum parcel can accept mail and parcels up to a size of 100mm (height) x 390mm (width) x 200mm (depth), also including large lever arched A4 files perfect for educational facilities. The MEFA Magnum parcel box is typically wall mounted and supplied with spacers which allow for the item to be fitted with enough room for the lid to be lifted without contact with the property wall. The parcel box can also be fitted to a stand for freestanding fixing into concrete.


Wall Mounting

The MEFA Magnum parcel box is a wall mounted product that is securely fixed to the installation through the rear panel of the box.


Security Features

The MEFA Magnum parcel box is a robust and secure product manufactured using galvanised steel and secured using a MEFA security lock.

The MEFA Magnum parcel box is typically wall mounted outside of a property. The parcel delivery box is supplied with a set of two spacers which should be fitted to the rear of the product to allow for clearance room between the top-loading roof and the property wall. The installation wall should be prepared using a suitable fixing method and then the parcel box is secured to the wall through the mounting holes found in the rear of the product.

Parcels are entered into the top of the product by lifting the lid of the item, which raises a shelf plate for placement of the parcels being deposited. Once the parcels are placed on to the shelf plate, the lid should be lowered which allows for the items to drop into the bottom of the MEFA Magnum box. When the lid is lifted up after items have been deposited, the items cannot be retrieved as the shelf plate is also raised at the same time. This security function ensures that deposited items remain secure at all times until the recipient opens the front door of the parcel box using a coded key.

The MEFA Magnum parcel box can securely hold a variety of different parcel delivery sizes, as detailed in the MEFA Parcel Box Size chart. It is possible to hold multiple parcel deliveries at once, as long as they are of an acceptable size and the parcel box is regularly emptied.

The MEFA Magnum Parcel Box can be installed in either an external location outside a property, or internally in secured location. If the parcel box is being used in a residential property, then the most common position for situating the box in on an external wall close to the property entrance door. This allows the post delivery personnel to deliver parcels without having to be given access to a secured location. If used in a commercial environment, then the location of the box can be either external (as per previous example in residential environment), or internal if the parcel box is to be used for internal processes.

MEFA products are manufactured in Denmark and form part of the extensive mailbox offering from the large Renz group of companies, all Renz Group activities are handled via The Safety Letterbox Co for all UK and Ireland projects, whereby we handle products from the Group that are most suitable for the UK market.

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