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Mailbox Accessories

Mailbox accessories are available for our comprehensive range over 130 different products, providing features that are ideal for both domestic and commercial customers.

The accessories featured in this section can be adapted to suit specific client requirements, or bespoke products can be manufactured to meet project specifications.

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A wide variety of additional identification options are available to combine with all mailboxes from the standard range of products including engraving, vinyl lettering and custom branding logos.

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Fire Protection

Our range of mailboxes can be fitted with a small fire extinguisher that is an unobtrusive tube which punctures at the hottest point releasing the contained gas into the source of the fire.

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Letterbox Security

Developed in conjunction with the Cleveland Arson Task Force team, the FlapLock™ is the ultimate letterbox security items used throughout the UK to successfully secure property.

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Lighting and roof options can be incorporated into a bank of mailboxes to offer something different that enhances the installation area featuring low voltage lighting and bespoke weather clad roofing.

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Locking Options

A variety of locking options are available to meet the requirements of each individual project specification and can be incorporated into existing project locking and access systems.

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Support Frames

Support frames are typically used in projects where the specified area of mailbox installation does not allow for the wall mounting or recessing of mailboxes due to limited space.

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All mailboxes and banks of multiple boxes which are wall-recessed can be supplied with a surround flange fitted around the perimeter edge on both external and internal faces.

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Theft Protection

Security of mail and posted items is one of the major customer concerns we experience and we have developed a range of products to reduce the risk of mail theft.

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Vision Panels

Vision panels allow users sight of the posted contents into the mailbox prior to opening the item and can be incorporated into any mailbox from our standard range.

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Weather Shielding

Our range of weather shielding items are ideal for combining with external banks of mailboxes that are positioned in exposed areas to offer additional protection from weather conditions.