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RENZ Mailbox System

Our extensive range of commercial postboxes offers exceptional and unrivaled quality. RENZ Mailboxes have the versatility, knowledge and support to produce bespoke and “off the shelf” post box and letterbox units that will exceed all expectations. Renz is a family business which has been producing outstanding mailboxes and post boxes for over 85 years and has earned the reputation that other manufacturers aspire to.

Our post box range comes from one of the best European mail box manufacturers and our multi-unit mail delivery solutions ensure the most efficient distribution of your post.

RENZ Mailboxes offer a wide range of mailboxes and they include freestanding postboxes, surface mounted post boxes and recessed letterboxes. We also offer mailboxes for door sides and through the wall letter box solutions including mail chutes, individual boxes and fence mounted applications.

RENZ Mailboxes have the experience to assist with your choice of mailbox and offer a free quotation and drawing service – the complete bespoke solution for all your letter box needs. From a single post box unit to a complete post room, whether you are developing property, designing or specifying, we have a mail box solution designed for you.

renz mailboxes and postboxes


Conspicuously inconspicuous: The RENZ PLAN S generation of innovative mailbox units. Redefining mail boxes – minimalist, restrained, flush-mounted, completely integrated in the building or adapted to the facade. Alongside mailbox models for integrated door panels, RENZ PLAN S is now also available as a surface-mounted or flush-mounted unit, as a through the wall unit and also as a pillar. RENZ PLAN S comes in perceptively solid V4A stainless steel with a sophisticated brushed finish or also in coated steel.


Renz Mailboxes from The Safety Letterbox Company

Manufacturing Precision

Precise edges | Minimal clearance | Solid construction.

RENZ Postboxes

Noise Damping

Letter plate with noise damping and magnetic lock.

The Safety Letterbox Company RENZ Post Boxes

Expansive Mail Aperture Opening

Large mail slot with wide opening.

renz plan s4 mailbox

Clean Design

Luxury product finishes with the ultimate materials.

renz insulated letter plate

Insulated Letter Plate

Insulated letter plate with draught-protection, noise insulation and magnetic lock.

renz 135 degree opening post box

135 Degree Opening

Large mail slot with extra-wide 135 degree opening.

renz mailboxes and postboxes


THE RENZ PLAN generation of mail boxes is available as freestanding, surface-mounted, flush-mounted, through-the-fence and through-the-wall units. We now also offer horizontal boxes. Alongside its minimalist design with an absolutely flat surface and linear letter opening flap, you will also experience a quite unique quality. We use V4A stainless steel throughout with a sophisticated brushed finish or powder-coated steel.


renz postboxes by the safety letterbox company

Precise radii

Precise radii of curvature and linear shadow gap.

renz noise insulated mailbox flap

Noise-insulated Mailbox Flap

Noise-insultated mailbox flap with large 135 degrees opening angle.

adjutable mail opening mailboxes

Adjustable Mail Opening

Adjustable opening system with opening lock.

renz plan s4 mailbox

Clean Design

Luxury product finishes with the ultimate materials.

horizontal line mailboxes

Horizontal Box Lines

Joints and shadow gap features throughout multiple mailbox banks.


Synchronous Flap Mechanism

Synchronous flap mechanism on 165mm high boxes for simple removal of mail deliveries.

RENZ Quality Since 1925

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Long Term Success

Long-term success doesn’t just happen by chance; it is the result of dedicated work and a clear business vision. These are the cornerstones of the RENZ company philosophy, thanks to a combination of innovative ideas, dedication and quality products and service Renz is the European market leader in mailbox systems with sales of over €50 million. Swabian inventive spirit, the use of modern technology and not least, the attention to detail have helped make RENZ the leader in post boxes that it is today in both Germany and Europe.

Our customers confidence in our products and services is paramount and is not taken for granted, through excellent service, the highest quality workmanship and individual special solutions we hope to win you as a customer and retain your business for many years.

Just as our logo has changed over the decades, we to have modernised and adapted to our customer requirements, however at our heart we are still a privately owned company in the best Swabian tradition.

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A Partner To Trust

A partner to trust with experience that has been developed over 3 generations of the RENZ family this will of course continue and we haven’t forgotten the significance of the excellent relationships that we have built up with our customers over the years.

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Expert Staff

500 qualified employees with the latest machinery and equipment guarantee the highest standard of production combined with optimum service.

There are no spot welds at all in RENZ postboxes, all joining seams are folded and riveted allowing the using of highly corrosion proof materials.

There is no limit to the possible postbox configurations, RENZ combines function with design – colours shapes and finishes with almost limitless combinations, RENZ is a specialist in unique design and will always find the best bespoke design for you.

myRENZbox Projects

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No-obligation consultation

We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

Simply complete and submit the form and we will get back in touch to talk through your requirements.

We also provide Autocad drawings as required – it’s all part of the service!