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Welcome to the Future of Parcel Delivery!

We offer a comprehensive range of Intelligent parcel lockers, digital and manual parcel boxes plus bespoke solutions, all available to ensure parcels are delivered 24/7 – effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Providing the ultimate Parcel delivery solution for your specific requirements. Whether its residential, student, business or consumer, retailer or courier, our Parcel boxes deliver a high quality, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to your parcel needs.

All brought to you by an established, reputable and reliable market leading manufacturer.

Contact us to discuss how we can future proof your parcel solution.

my renx box - Parcel delivery boxes
my renx box - Parcel delivery boxes
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Dynamic Delivery with myRENZbox

Our intelligent parcel box range is a dynamic parcel delivery platform and is open to all couriers. Incorporating the latest touch screen technology, electronic tag, and mobile app access as well as integration with other software’s.

There are specific solutions for private residential, student accommodation, retail ‘click and collect’ and business premises. This future proof technology is at the forefront of parcel and logistics management, saving time and providing the ultimate all in one integrated solution.
Our solutions save time, provide efficiency and traceability.

Modula Parcel Box from The Safety Letterbox Company


Part of the Classic range, MODULA is a fully scalable intelligent parcel box system with proven functionality at the best price. The combination of hardware and unique RENZ software platform enables full automation of the parcel delivery, collection and returns process.

Modula Extended Parcel Delivery Box UK

Modula Extended

Part of the Classic range, the Modula Extended solution is both taller at 2216mm and deeper, 750mm than the standard Modula range. These high-capacity parcel boxes are ideal for accommodating problematic large parcels ideal for click + collect.

SLB - PB Parcel Box


A British-manufactured parcel delivery solution from The Safety Letterbox Company that has the flexibility to use several types of locking technology including ‘Click n Lock’, digital combination or RFID reader lock / unlock systems.

myRENZbox for Residential Living from The Safety Letterbox Company

Residential Living

The daily delivery of parcels from all couriers and in all shapes and sizes places an ever-increasing demand on concierge teams and family homes alike.

The myRENZbox for Residential Living meets this challenge head on, and largely removes the need for concierge services to intervene in both receipting incoming parcels and subsequently ensuring that each parcel reaches its intended recipient. The myRENZbox hardware is specifically configured to suit the number of apartments and residents in any given building, and the distribution of box sizes is specified in line with current postal data.

myRENZ click and Collect box from The Safety Letterbox Company

Click + Collect

The way consumers purchase has changed. Online shopping, home deliveries and Click & Collect options are now commonplace across the retail landscape. Consumers now expect the same level of service for all purchases, including their grocery shopping. Whether it’s a weekly shop, or a top-up of essentials, convenience and flexibility is paramount.

myRENZbox boasts a range of intelligent temperature-controlled Click & Collect solutions for the food retail industry. With three temperature options available, Frozen, Fresh and Ambient, the system can be customised to suit the needs of your business with a look to match your brand. Lockers will improve your customers experience, enhance your brand and elevate your available range of solutions.

If your business is looking to get ahead of the competition, the myRENZbox temperature controlled Click & Collect lockers will make sure you do just that!

myRENZbox for Students from The Safety Letterbox Company

Student Living

myRENZbox for Student Living is a fully-automated, scalable parcel management solution that takes student living to a whole new level, while significantly improving business efficiency.

It’s no secret that internet-savvy students are the most prolific of all when it comes to buying online. With a huge number of online orders placed each day, college and university staff face growing demands to manage parcel delivery.

In typical* student accommodation, dealing with parcels can be a full-time job for one member of staff – a significant cost in today’s economic climate.*Based on a student accommodation residence of 400 to 500 beds.

myRENZbox for Business a parcel box from The Safety Letterbox Company


myRENZbox for your business is incredibly versatile, helping to drive internal business efficiencies, security and traceability whilst also providing a parcel service to boost employee engagement.

We have an established track record working with many multi-national businesses in the automotive, pharmaceutical and financial services sectors delivering real time solutions. The logistics processes can be customised to work with your existing business systems.

Whether you wish to automate the receipt and distribution of critical spares to your engineering team or provide a 24/7 facility for the issue of IT equipment to employees myRENZbox will deliver a future proof solution.

Parcel Box for Logistics from The Safety Letterbox Company


Construction, engineering, utility and manufacturing businesses all benefit from the adoption of myRENZbox. These fully bespoke parcel box solutions are popular with commercial clients and are typically used by companies across Europe to securely deliver items throughout the day and night.

Backend software and PDA integration can be designed in where specialist courier services are engaged in the delivery of critical spares, warranty repair items and service components. Client requirements such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, corporate branding, pallet sized compartments, lighting, CCTV and crane lifting points are also available to specify.

Parcel Box for Deliveries from The Safety Letterbox Company


We are reminded on a daily basis about the rapid growth of eCommerce and ever more demanding customer expectations. The competitive landscape is changing rapidly and all these ingredients add up to ever greater commercial pressure on parcel delivery services.

myRENZbox Parcel Lockers – fundamentally address the environmental and cost impacts of missed parcel deliveries, and enable returns to be consolidated in one location. They can also act as a 24/7 collection point for customer parcels, complementing your existing parcel shops.

We are installing a growing network of myRENZbox parcel stations in residential apartments, individual homes and student accommodation. Let us work with you to integrate your delivery processes and capture an electronic proof of delivery and in so doing, elevate the service level to your retail and other commercial clients.

Direct investment in parcel lockers, will make your business even greener, not only reducing CO2 emissions but also significantly reducing the cost of parcel delivery & returns. The future of parcel delivery is here, let us become your valued business partner.

Parcel Delivery Boxes for the Home from the Safety Letterbox Company


A collection of parcel delivery solutions for the everyday homeowner looking for a secure and stylish location to store parcel deliveries when not available.

Including both manual, digital and intelligent options to solve every type of client requirement.

Parcel Box Projects

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We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

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