Abbeville Apartments

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The Abbeville Apartments project features multiple banks of wall recessed mail boxes and parcel delivery boxes.

The products used in this project are of an in front / out front type that securely store deposited mail and parcels until later retrieval by an authorised resident.

The COM 2 Steel Door mailboxes used in this project feature an opening aperture that allows the concierge to deposit mail into the box. The Parcel Boxes use a full front opening door combined with a digital combination lock which allows for large items such as internet purchases to be securely left ready for later retrieval by specific resident. The digital combination lock ensures that only users with knowledge of the unique code can access the parcel box, with code resets available quick and easily.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Mailbox: COM 2 Steel Door Mailbox
Parcel Box: Locker box with digital combination lock (235mm, 345mm & 564mm varying heights)
Installation: Wall Recessed
Accessories: Identification Name Cases. Surround Frame.
safety letterbox mailbox Grid Icon

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