Our comprehensive range of mailboxes includes over 180 products, from multi occupancy solutions to fully customisable bespoke designs.

As the UK leading manufacturer and designer of post boxes the Safety Letterbox offers a full turnkey solution, to ensure our customers receive high quality products for any site, profile, location and budget.

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Multiple Occupancy Mailboxes

Our range of multiple occupancy post boxes offer the highest quality finishes, including robust high quality stainless steel to polyester powder coated paint from our standard range of colours.

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Fire Rated Mailboxes

We are so proud of our range of fire rated post boxes; these post boxes ensure that areas commonly used as an escape route are safe and clear. These mailboxes are capable of holding back or containing a fire for 2 hours, integrity only.

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Bespoke Mailboxes

As the only mailbox and parcel box company that offers a totally bespoke solution we have the knowledge and capability to produce unrivalled solutions that will exceed customers design and aesthetics requirements.

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Keyless Mailbox Solutions

We offer a variety of different keyless options that can be suited for any project, including digital, contactless and code locks. Insuring you find the best possible letterbox solution for your design.

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MODA System Mailboxes

The MODA range offers bursts of colour while being perfect for any arrangement. Having the freedom to mix and match materials to create a visual statement. These letterboxes can be designed to suit any individual project requirement.

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Individual Mail Solution

We have a range of individual letterboxes available, in different sizes, colours and designs. Reduce the risk of mail theft with one of our specially designed post boxes.

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Secured By Design Mailboxes

In conjunction with secured by design, we offer a TS009:2019 certified mailbox called the The SLB 2020 – V Letterbox. Designed with enhanced security and suitable for both internal and external installation.

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RENZ Systems Mailboxes

Offering exceptional quality this extensive range of commercial postboxes have the versatility to exceed all expectations, with over 85 years of experience, RENZ have a wide range of knowledge to produce these efficient solutions.