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Identification on our mailboxes or parcel boxes is an essential feature that needs to be thought about when sourcing a letterbox. We’ve created a comprehensive range of identification options that you can use to stylishly identify the product that you need.

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Mailbox Engraving

The Safety Letterbox Company have an in-house custom engraving service available to all clients. Mailbox engraving can be produced using standard font types, numerical digits and custom fonts which adhere to company branding guidelines.

Mailbox engraving can be filled with a specified colour if requested prior to the manufacturing of the boxes. There is no limit to the size of the engraving that can be produced but we advise that the size of the mailbox is referenced to when requesting engraved items.

Areas that feature engraving on the mailboxes are usually the letter flap, mailbox door or the bridge, but is dependent on the mailbox type that is used. For example, the COM range of boxes would only accept engraving on the letter flap only due to the individual characteristics of the boxes.

Complexity is no issue to engraving and we use a general guide of anything that can be drawn, can be reproduced in engraving.

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thumb Mailbox Name Badges

Mailbox Name Badges

The Safety Letterbox Company can provide weatherproof name badges that hold identification cards so the required mailbox can be found easily. Name badges are easy to use, featuring a one piece flip open catch which then securely seals the contents of the name badge from external conditions.

Name badges can be supplied with either blank card for the client to complete when the mailboxes have been delivered, or can be produced with unique numbering/names to suit the client requirements. If the custom printed name cards are required, an additional cost will be incurred.

Mailbox name badges can be requested retrospectively to add to a mailbox and can be fitted to almost any flat surface.

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Mailbox Vinyl Lettering

Mailbox Vinyl Lettering

The Safety Letterbox Company can provide a range of vinyl writing options to suit each client whether that is a name, numerical digits or logos. Vinyl writing is available in a range of colours to suit both he mailbox and the requirements of the client.

Mailbox vinyl writing can be added to a mailbox during the manufacturing process or retrospectively once the box has been installed.

Company/organisation logos can be reproduced into vinyl but is dependant on the complexity of the logo. Contact us for more details on this service.

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