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Lockable Post Box Options

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We offer a wide variety of lockable post box options which have multiple security and aesthetic benefits.

From our standard lock which is unique to SLB, with the added reassurance that spare keys are not available elsewhere, through to high security cylinder locks, RFID and digi locks, you can be sure we can advise and offer you the most suitable lockable post and mailbox solutions for your project.

A wide choice of colours, finishes and styles are available to add further aesthetic value to the mailboxes.

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Lockable Post Box from The Safety Letterbox Company

SLB Security CC Lock

Standard locks are supplied with all of the classic Safety Letterbox Company mailboxes. Manufactured with a bright chrome finish and supplied with a set of two coded keys as standard with further copies available on request. Passivated and greased locking barrel. Adaptable to both two and three point locking to meet the security requirements of each project.

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QHDK Lock from The Safety Letterbox Company


Projects looks for a versatile lock that can be finished in a particular colour / material may be interested in the QHDK type mailbox lock. This versatile locking option is used on some of our most prestigious projects and can be specified in a wide range of finishes – please contact us for more information.

QHDK Lock Examples

QHDK Lock from The Safety Letterbox Company


QHDK locks in a black finish used on mailboxes in the Mivan Carey Street project.

brushed-nickel-locks, lockable post box

Brushed Nickel

QHDK locks in a brushed nickel finish at the Manhattan Loft Gardens project.



QHDK locks in a bronze finish used in the Sugar Quay project.

brass postbox locks from the safety letterbox company


QHDK locks in a brass finish at the Gasholders project.


Matt Black

QHDK locks in a matt black finish used in the Principle Place project.



QHDK locks in a brass finish used in the Great Minster House project.

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Non Locking Mini Handle for Mailbox

Mini Handles

Non-locking mini handles can be integrated with all of the classic Safety Letterbox Company mailboxes to offer a easy-to-use opening handle ideal for locations where security risks are relaxed. Mini handles are perfect for the Homeguard mailbox which is placed to the rear of the property door, mail falls through the letterbox and into the mailbox, where the contents of the mailbox can be retrieved without the use of a key.

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Lockable Post Box


Combination locks are useful for projects where the mailbox should be locked using a keyless method but an electronic / digital locking functionality is not required. Combination locks are popular with office workplaces where the mail deposited into the box does not need to be secured using a key but the mailbox must be closed. Also popular with parcel storage boxes integrated with mailboxes.

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Hasp and Staple Mailbox Lock

Hasp and Staple

A hasp and staple locking arrangement can be integrated in to the majority of our classic Safety Letterbox Company mailboxes which can be used with a conventional lock or combination lock to suit the client requirements.

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Mailboxes can be integrated with digital locks that provide the user with immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key. The digital locks we offer have the flexibility to set and change their personal entry code whilst a pre-set master code ensures that supervisor access is always available at all times.

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Electronic Mailbox Locking


SALTO locks are designed to provide a high level of security protection and control access to a wide range of mailboxes, lockers, cupboards, display cabinets, boxes, cases and more. The SALTO lock offers the latest in state-of-the-art electronic access control technology.

Featured Locking Post Box Projects

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