Rasgas, Qatar

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RasGas is one of Qatar’s leading energy companies and one of the most innovative and successful businesses in the global liquefied natural gas industry. To increase the secure handling and storage of the companies mail, The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd, were tasked with providing an effective answer to eliminate the problems in losing and misplacing their post.

The sorting and distribution of the mail was time consuming and there were no secure measures in place regarding access and privacy to sensitive mail being distributed around the company. The solution was provided and installed by The Safety Letterbox Company taking all their needs into consideration. Incoming mail would be posted into individual mailboxes via a letterflap and then retrieved by the recipient of the mail via a digital locking system. This would have the effect of cutting out the use of keys and increasing security when using the mailbox (as codes could be changed and updated as employees left the company).

Outgoing mail was accommodated in larger individual freestanding posting boxes, with access via the digital locking system. Standalone battery operated digital locks provides the user with immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key. Users have the flexibility to set and change their personal entry code whilst a pre-set master code ensures that supervisor access is available at all times.

Project Type: Commercial Mail Sorting
Product: Digital Locking Mailbox
Installation: Freestanding

RasGas interior designers to agree the design, operational functionality, size and colour of the new mailbox system, to ultimately ensure they had an effective and secure solution to mail coming in and going out for every department and location within their offices – this ensured that all employees had specific addresses and traceability and security of mail. We were also able to send our own installation team to Qatar to work on the project, which was successfully completed within 2 weeks.


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