Dallston Junction

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The Dallston Junction project features two banks of Stainless Steel 2 mailboxes that have been recessed into the wall to minimise the amount of room taken up by the mailboxes in the area of installation. This particular project required the mailboxes to be recessed into the wall to ensure that the project met building regulations in a main walkway through the project.

The banks of mailboxes feature a high-quality Sapele Surround which was provided by ourselves with the mailboxes. The Sapele surround was specified by the client and we worked with a specialist joiner who created this surround. The wood is also used in a central storage area where items can be placed when depositing mail into the boxes (as shown in the photographs), or notices can be used by the management for residents to read etc.

The Stainless Steel 2 mailbox both accepts and allows for retrieval of mail at the front of the product. This particular project uses engraved mailboxes that have been infilled with a Jet Black (RAL 9005) contrasting colour for the residents and postal workers to easily identify specific mailboxes.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Product: Stainless Steel 2 Mailbox
Installation: Wall Recessed
Accessories: Jet Black Engraving, Sapele Surround
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