Gentian Row

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The Heathside and Lethbridge project features numerous banks of through the wall mailboxes that secure the mail of hundreds of residents living in this development.

The through the wall mailbox model used is our classic ‘COM 3 mailbox‘ that accepts mail externally (at the front of the box) and allows for retrieval internally (at the rear of the mailbox). This processing of mail through the wall ensures that postal workers do not have to be granted access to the property to delivery mail, they simply deposit items into the front of the product and the residents retrieve their mail internally once they have accessed the resident-only internal lobby area.

The Heathside and Lethbridge project has used many different configurations of the COM 3 mailbox, all securing mail deliveries for multiple residents in one area, but range from collecting deliveries for 12 up to 49 residents in a single bank of mailboxes. This allows the postal workers to quickly deposit deliveries, the residents to easily collect their mail on route to their home and ensure the project will conform to security guidelines such as the Secured by Design Homes 2016 Guide.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Product: COM 3 Mailbox
Installation: Through the Wall
safety letterbox mailbox Grid Icon

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