London City Island

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London City Island is a high-end residential and commercial neighbourhood development that takes inspiration from the very best of global metropolitan communities; combining bold architecture and pioneering urban design.

The development is located in an extremely well-connected site between the financial might of Canary Wharf and trendy East London. London City Island is home to 1600 residential properties, 20,000 square metres of commercial office space, cafes, shops, restaurants and cultural facilities; offering something for everyone. We are once again delighted to be involved within this vibrant new and exciting site.

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The London City Island development is split over a number of differences phases and blocks, with each development having a slightly different requirement and specification for mailboxes. A number of different mailbox models were used on the project, to match the different design finishes of each phase of the development.

Our horizontal fire rated 2 mailboxes were used on two phases where there was a specific requirement for a post box to meet a Class 0 Part 22 1 hour integrity only fire rating. The first bank of mailboxes are wall recessed and fitted with a surrounding trim to provide the mailboxes with a clean finish from the mailbox to the installation wall. This bank of mailboxes were assembled into a configuration of 9 high x 9 wide prior to despatch, allowing easy installation once on site. The mailboxes have been finished in a non-standard colour (D2525-Y2217 matt) and engraved on the inward-sprung flap with an apartment number in a contrasting jet black colour.

The second bank of fire rated 2 mailboxes also conformed to Part 22 fire rating standards. This bank was configured into a bank of 4 high x 6 wide mailboxes, finished in a standard colour chosen from the RAL colour chart and engraved in a contrasting white engraving on the inward-sprung flap.

The third bank of mailboxes is located in a dedicated mailroom, wall recessed to maximise room for residents and mail delivery personnel to use the mailboxes. As is common practice with all wall recessed mailboxes, these banks of post boxes have also been fitted with a surrounding trim, ensuring the highest finish quality is achieved on the development.

Also used on the project were the MODA mailboxes in the horizontal orientation with a width of 260mm. The MODA mailbox is popular with clients requiring a versatile and attractive product particularly useful for multi-coloured and multi-sized arrangements. This phase of the London City Island development shows how the MODA mailbox can be used in a more straightforward manner with a classic bank of wall recessed mailboxes finish in a single colour. Each mailbox has been engraving on the opening flap, infilled in a contrasting silver colour finish.

All mailboxes on this development are in front / out front, allowing for mail to delivered and retrieved through the front face.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Product: Fire Rated 2, MODA Horizontal 260, H1
Installation: Freestanding
Accessories: Surround trim, engraving
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