Salisbury Stainless Project, Southall

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The Project

The Salisbury Stainless Project features multiple banks of high-quality brushed stainless steel mailboxes manufactured using 316L grade material.

The banks of mailboxes were designed to suit specific requirements set out by the project architect that would ensure the product would fit into the installed support frame.

Mailboxes feature both horizontal and vertical orientations in the Salisbury Stainless Project, offering solutions that both maximised the amount of mail stored and minimised the space used in a location with a limited amount of room.

All mailboxes used in this project have been individually engraved to offer an easy-to-distinguish identification marker for each product so users can quickly find their own mailbox.

This project also utilises a storage shelf built under the mailboxes, offering an area to place parcels.

Project Type: Residential
Product: Stainless Steel 1& 2
Product Type: In Front / Out Front
Installation: Wall Recessed & Wall Mounted
Finish: Stainless Steel 304L
Additional:  Engraving and Surround Trim
safety letterbox mailbox Grid Icon

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