The Bronze Project

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The ‘Bronze Project’ is a multi-occupancy residential development that has been designed with a distinctive high-end project finish.

The development features multiple banks of wall recessed post boxes in the reception lobby area which is located near to the entrance of the building. It is positioned in this area so that both mail delivery personnel can deposit items in a short space of time from a centralised location, and recipients are able to quickly access their deliveries as they pass by the mailboxes.

The mailboxes are recessed into the wall which maximise the available space and ensure that Health & Safety requirements are conformed to.

The mailbox model used in the ‘Bronze Project’ is the COM 2 Steel Door – 127 product. This type of horizontal mailbox is ideal for developments that require a large number of mailboxes to securely store deliveries for recipients in a restricted amount of space. The horizontal dimensions of the product (small height, large width with a relatively large depth) allow for multiple mailboxes to be stacked on top of each other, maximising the quantity of products in one area.

Each mailbox has been engraved with a number which corresponds to their apartment address.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Product: COM 2 Steel Door Mailbox
Installation: Wall Recessed
Accessories: Numbered Engraving
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