Waterside Park

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The Waterside Park project features multiple banks of a fire rated mailboxes that comply with the BS 476 Part 22 offering a one hour integrity rating that will ‘contain and form a break to a fire’.

The bank of mailboxes are recessed into a wall and integrated with a finishing surround frame providing a high quality edging to the products, hiding any gaps between brick and mailbox and ensuring a high quality finish.

The mailboxes feature an inward sprung flap, which is a standard feature across the fire rated mailbox range. An intumescent strip is placed on the internal side of the mail flap, which expands when the temperature increases and ensures that the flap is kept closed – stopping the oxygen flow into the mailbox and reducing the risk of fire spreading through the mailbox.

Each mailbox used in this project has been fitted with a unique identification numbering vinyl with a black colouring to easily show the users (both residents and postal operatives) where each mailbox is situated.

Project Type: Private Accommodation
Product: Fire Rated 2 Mailbox
Installation: Wall Recessed
Accessories: Vinyl Writing. Surround Frame. Intumescent strip.
safety letterbox mailbox Grid Icon

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