Rathbone Square mail boxes
Rathbone Square mail boxes

Introducing the NEW Tile mailbox selection

The Safety Letterbox Company have taken innovation to the next level with these new Tile mailboxes. They are the new cutting edge design of mailboxes and are located around various areas of London within some incredible high-end developments.

Fitzrovia | Rathbone Square

The Rathbone Square development is a mixed-use project offering Grade A offices and residential units situated around a public space offering numerous restaurants and boutique retail space. The project is in the heart of Fitzrovia, designed to provide a tranquil environment while being located just moments away from Oxford Street.
The mailboxes were created using multiple facets, which included a bespoke locking plate. They also had non-standard matt black locks and wood veneer. The NEW Tile mailbox used for this development is very different than our standard range. The various components of the mailboxes are entirely customisable and are tailored to meet specific project design requirements.
The mailboxes are located in the reception lobby area and through the walkways that the residents use every day. Each mailbox has been recessed into the wall to maximise the space available, ensuring all health and safety requirements are achieved.

Stratford | Manhattan Loft Gardens

Manhattan Loft Gardens is an exciting 42 storey cantilevered tower that offers ‘loft living in a high rise’ in the heart of Stratford, London.
The development features a variety of residential living and facilities including a seven-storey hotel, spa, two restaurants, three sky gardens, 248 private flats, apartments, lofts and penthouses. The design of the development is striking, with three extensive rooftop gardens slicing into the body of the high-rise tower, with the upper levels supported by a cantilever. The open-air spaces offer a modern take on the traditional London rooftop gardens, providing residents with space to relax outside of their home.
The mailbox model used in this development was SLB’s brand new and impressive ‘Tile’ product that features composite doors finished in a Stainless Steel grade 316L with a vertical grain flow.
The mailbox uses a non-standard lock with a Matt Nickel bespoke finish that secures the front door of the mailbox in style. Each mailbox features contrasting matt black engraved numbers on the face of the stainless steel door. The numbering corresponds to the apartment numbers of the residents in the development, allowing mail delivery personnel granted access to the area, as well as the resident to identify the correct mailbox quickly.

Fulham | Fulham High Street 

Beautifully designed apartments situated in the heart of Fulham High Street, a prestigious area of London just minutes from the river, tube station and park. These carefully restored gatehouses offer striking architecture with beautiful interiors and stunning views.
It is yet another luxury high-end development to incorporate our new unique ‘Tile’ mailboxes. These horizontally fitted, wall recessed mailboxes with highly innovative composite doors are manufactured to an exceptional standard with consideration to both aesthetics and functionality.
Banked in a configuration of 5 x 9 mailboxes, each one has Gothic font engraved numbering positioned on the bottom right-hand corner. The mailbox locks are a dark bronze finish while the mailboxes boast a stylish polyester powder-coated bronze finish.

All of these mailboxes have been fully designed and manufactured in our factory in Neath, South Wales.
For any information regarding these products, why not get in touch [email protected] or call on 01639 633525.