myRENZbox Intelligent Parcel Delivery Boxes – Timelapse Video

Take a look at a video of the Renz A/S parcel delivery boxes being installed! How easy is this?! This video is of a bank of intelligent parcel boxes that were recently installed into a private residential development in Esslingen, located in a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany.

What are Intelligent Parcel Delivery Boxes?

Our Intelligent parcel box range is a dynamic parcel delivery platform and is open to all carriers. Incorporating the latest touch screen technology, electronic tag and mobile app access. There are specific solutions for private residential, student accommodation, retail ‘click and collect’ and business premises. This cutting edge technology is at the forefront of parcel and logistics management, saving time and providing the ultimate in convenience.

Why the myRENZbox Intelligent Parcel Delivery Box?

  • Built-in Intelligence

Intelligent, dynamically allocated parcel boxes controlled by the RENZ internet portal, the MyRENZ app and touch screen display for delivery collection & return processes.

  • Cost Saving

Dramatically reduces the need for concierge and accommodation staff to manage parcel deliveries.

  • Open to all carriers

Automated 24/7 delivery, collection and return. Automated email and push messages with proof of delivery generated for every parcel.

  • Future Proof Innovation

Connection to the internet, multiple modes of access, software upgrades and bespoke processes. Ensure your parcel box investment will continue to work into the future.

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How can I find out more information on available parcel box solutions?

More information about our range of parcel boxes can be found by visiting the Parcel Boxes section of our website, contacting our specialist parcel box department via the telephone (open Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM) or emailing [email protected].