MEFA Oak Front Retrieval Parcel Box


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The MEFA Oak front retrieval parcel mailbox is an extremely spacious parcel box with a large letter flap on the front and a separate package slot on the top of the box that can take larger deliveries.

This particular variation of the MEFA Oak parcel box allows for retrieval of deposited items via a large opening door on the front face of the product.

  • Dimensions (mm): 1009H x 421W x 343D
  • Capacity: 56 litres
  • Fitting: Freestanding
  • 12 year rust-perforation guarantee
  • 2 year manufacturer parts guarantee

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Security Shelf

The MEFA Oak parcel box features an internal shelf that is raised up when the top loading lid is lifted. Parcels are placed onto the shelf and then when the lid is lowered, the internal shelf deposits that item into the body of the parcel box. This function minimises the potential risks of mail fishing and illegal retrieval of deposited items.

Extra Capacity

An ‘adjustable intermediate shelf’ is used internally in the mailbox which is usually placed inline with the front opening retrieval door, allowing the contents of the box to drop to the level with the opening door only. The position of this shelf can be altered, or entirely removed, allowing for more space to coincide with expect high demand e.g. Christmas.


Mail & Parcel Delivery

The MEFA Oak parcel box features both a mail opening slot on the front face of the box, and a top opening lid to deposit larger parcels.

The mail opening slot allows users to deliver mail quickly without having to open the top lid. Parcels are delivered via the top lid which raises an internal shelf to ensure maximum security for deposited items.

Large Parcel Delivery

MEFA products are manufactured in Denmark and form part of the extensive mailbox offering from the large Renz group of companies, all Renz Group activities are handled via The Safety Letterbox Co for all UK and Ireland projects, whereby we handle products from the Group that are most suitable for the UK market.

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