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COM 1 Mailboxes used in high-end development

We love spotting photographs of our mail and parcel boxes on the internet being used on new projects around the world!

Our latest mailbox photograph find comes from a high-end private residential development in Milford on Sea. The COM 1 mailboxes have been installed externally just outside of the property access door which is secured using a keypad.

The location of these mailboxes allows for mail deliveries to be deposited into the mailbox without having to authorise delivery personnel access to a secured area of the project.

The COM 1 mailbox can be purchased via our online store, or if you require multiple products to be used in a bank of boxes, then contact us for a detailed quotation and drawings.

The COM 1 mailbox is such a versatile product, it conforms to Secured by Design Homes 2016 Guidelines and can be used in both single and multi-occupancy properties.

Richard Bennett, Technical Sales. The Safety Letterbox Company