Parcel madness | On average, 85 Billion* parcels are being delivered each year and is increasing rapidly year on year.

How are people managing their parcel deliveries? Failed deliveries cost the industry £1.6bn* each year, and it’s time to evaluate what needs to change. Meeting those first-time deliveries will not only save millions of pounds but also reduce CO2 emissions and ultimately improve the health of the general public.
myRENZbox can provide a perfect solution…brought to you by The Safety Letterbox Company, (Renz UK) in Neath, South Wales, SLB is excited about this new product and its hugely impactful key benefits for urban planners, the end-user, carriers and the environment.

myRENZbox is a highly intelligent parcel management system, for convenient 24/7 delivery, collection and returns of parcels. The user creates a unique pin for the delivery courier to deposit their parcel into a secured compartment. The parcel can be delivered first-time and securely stored until the recipient is ready to collect using their unique pin. The myRENZbox is a secure parcel management system, as recipients can only use it after being invited by the management of the box. Couriers deposit into it using the unique pin generated by the recipient on the myRENZbox App, preventing unwanted parcels being delivered and ultimately creating a safeguard for all users.
Currently, myRENZbox systems are rapidly being installed throughout the UK and Europe. Suitable for internal and external locations, these intelligent parcel systems are incredibly durable they can withstand any weather conditions while also having the opportunity of being on-brand or conveying a message or image with the option of a stylish printed wrap.

A recent installation at a residential development in Lincoln, for British housebuilder Mulberry Homes, saw new homeowners being provided with the future-proofed facilities of electric charging points and intelligent parcel boxes. Keeping up with the growing demands of modern family requirements.
“We’re really pleased. It looks a million dollars!”
Wayne Worsdale, Head of Design and Technical, Mulberry Homes

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