grand-designs-corten-steel-bespoke-mailbox 1
grand-designs-corten-steel-bespoke-mailbox 1

Peter Heathfield House Project Featured in Magazine

We always love spotting a glimpse of our mailboxes in situation, whether that be whilst watching the television (Grand Designs or Coronation Street), or when reading through a magazine (literally thousands of features through the years!)

We recently spotted our COM 3 Mailboxes in the Future Construction & Architect magazine from the Peter Heathfield House project. The small bank of mailboxes used in this project allow for mail to be posted at the front and retrieved at the back (In Front / Out Back type mailboxes or ‘Through the Wall’ mailboxes as they are also known.). The COM 3 mailbox features a mail aperture opening on the front side of the product (the face of the product that is on the external side of the property wall), allowing for mail to be posted into the product without having to gain access to the property first. Once posted, recipients are able to retrieve their mail at the rear of the product (the face of the product that is on the internal side of the property wall), unlocking a door by using a coded key supplied with their mailbox.

This type of product is extremely popular with projects and clients requiring a solution that allows for mail to be delivered without having to grant access to the building beforehand. The COM 3 mailbox can be supplied in most configurations from a single product up to hundreds of mailboxes in one bank. We design and create our solutions around the available space in your project and the requirements you have for mail delivery (how many residents it is that you need to store mail for).

If you spot any of our mailboxes on the television, in a magazine or anywhere else – please send us a copy of the photograph and we’ll look to feature it on our social media and right here on our blog.
And of course, get in touch with us if you require any information about mail or parcel delivery boxes. We’re open from 9AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday.
Kind regards,

Ryan Davies (Digital Manager – The Safety Letterbox Company)