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At SLB we collaborate with a select range of other quality UK manufacturers to deliver the ultimate entrance solution for our clients.

Consideration to access, security, wellbeing, mail and future-proofing the exponential growth volumes of parcel delivery.

An example of this is how 3 firmly established companies work together to bring you secure door sets, door access control systems, mailboxes and parcelboxes, ensuring no one need gain access into a building and all requirements are met.

THE RESULT: A safe, future-proofed, considered building entrance, ensuring compliance with Building Regs, Secured By Design and Fire standards whilst providing the facilities needed in a modern fit for purpose development.

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Bamfords vast experience gained over more than 30 years and main contractor solutions enable them to project manage the complete security solution from start to finish, which can include door entry and access control systems, automatic operators and SLB products.

SLB Co-work in partnership with the highly reputable and firmly established Bamford Doors, who provide a complete bespoke entrance door security solution for all applications, including those that need to be DDA compliant.

They have a vast range of designs to cater for all manner of installations including private, commercial, and public sectors.

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Alexis Smith, Managing Director. Bamford Doors

“We have worked together with The Safety Letterbox Company for more than 10 years now to deliver a perfect all-around turnkey solution for our clients that provides high quality, high security and fully compliant arrangement. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture a complete secure entrance that incorporates all necessary components in line with specific customer requirements.”

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With over 35 years of experience, CAME ENTROTEC are trusted pioneers delivering seamlessly integrated door entry and access control systems for multi-dwelling buildings for private residential, local authorities and housing associations across the UK.

CAME KMS are renowned for developing the UK’s leading Cloud-based Access Control solution which has transformed the fob management and data reporting across Social housing.

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Helen Phillips, Director at CAME Entrotec & CAME KMS with over 20 years’ experience in Electronic Security Industry, stated

“We always aim to exceed the customer’s expectation by supporting them from project start to finish. All our systems are pre-built, pre-configured, and pre-tested prior to dispatch to maintain the reputation for a dependable, robust, and innovative solution that is tailored to specific site needs. This provides installers with a plug-and-play system that is fully compliant with Secured by Design regulations. At CAME Entrotec & CAME KMS we never compromise on quality”

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Now in its 36th year, market leaders SLB offer over 180 models of mailboxes and parcelboxes for on, in, through the wall and freestanding. 2 hour Fire Rated, Secured By Design solutions and Bespoke form just part of the comprehensive offering. Coping with the growth of Parcel delivery can be effectively managed with manual, digital and intelligent SMART lockers, offering traceability, security, reduction of crime and an efficient solution guaranteeing first-time delivery 24/7, in turn assisting with decarbonisation of homes.

Products are manufactured in the UK and a full design and installation service is available.

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