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How to deal with the student parcel demand in 2022

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Back in 2021, student accommodation all over the UK were overwhelmed with parcels as online shopping continues becomes the new normal. Managing parcel deliveries at these types of accommodation is a significant challenge for building managers, who are faced with parcels being delivered to hundreds and even thousands of student residents, often with a limited amount of space and resources to manage them effectively.

The Safety Letterbox Company – the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of secure mail solutions – has revolutionise parcel management and subsequently make the lives of student accommodation managers far more practicable and easier.

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How does it all work?

  • ALL delivery service can deposit a parcel via the intelligent parcel boxes and those receiving their parcel can collect it from the parcel box unit 24/7. This drastically reduces the need for student accommodation managers to receive and store parcels for student residents.


  • myRENZbox’s can be installed in all manner of buildings and combined with mailboxes – enable students to receive and send parcels with ease from their own residence, making it an attractive feature for the student accommodation sector. They also remove the inconvenience of having to return a parcel to the post office or via another inefficient returns method, as the parcel box units provide a returns option.


  • Through implementing the latest technology, complex logistical processes can be easily managed through the creation of the integrated myRENZbox system. This online system uses the RENZ internet portal, myRENZbox app and the unit’s touch screen display functions so building managers, students, parcel delivery services and other service providers can network with ease around deliveries and collections. Parcel box occupancy can be monitored online, so authorised parties know whether a box is available or not. This feature means building managers can contact students through the system to inform them that a parcel has been left in a myRENZbox unit for a significant period, therefore prompting collection.
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7 reasons your student will love it

  • Easy returns – Students can use the myRENZbox to make easy returns saves waiting in the queue at the post office.
  • 24/7 access – There’s no manager hours/ opening hours so students can get their parcels at any time of the day.
  • Open to all couriers – All couriers have access to the myRENZbox so easy drop off and pick ups
  • No more physical signatures – Acknowledge receipt of packages with electronic POD verification.
  • Enhance the student experience – Automated 24/7 secure collection and return of parcels.
  • Never miss a parcel – All transactions are captured and can be analysed vis the management portal.
  • Protects student privacy – Mobile app and web portal ensures easy management of parcel collection and returns.
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Popular Student Parcel Solutions

residential parcel boxes

myRENZbox Modula

Part of the Classic range, MODULA is a fully scalable intelligent parcel box system with proven functionality at the best price. The combination of hardware and unique RENZ software platform enables full automation of the parcel delivery, collection and returns process.

myRENZbox Modula Extended Parcel Boxes

myRENZbox Modula Extended

Part of the Classic range, the Modula Extended solution is both taller at 2216mm and deeper, 750mm than the standard Modula range. These high-capacity parcel boxes are ideal for accommodating problematic large parcels and work perfectly in a click and collect retail environment to store customer orders placed online.

PB600 Parcel Boxes

SLB Parcel Box Range

The Safety Letterbox Company are the UK’s leading manufacturer of mail and parcel delivery boxes, and we now have a high-capacity parcel delivery solution that has the flexibility to use several types of locking technology including ‘Click n Lock’, digital combination or RFID reader lock/unlock systems.

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No-obligation consultation

We welcome the chance to discuss your project and we can share all that is current in terms of standards and product options totally free of charge.

Simply complete and submit the form and we will get back in touch to talk through your requirements.

We also provide Autocad drawings as required – it’s all part of the service!

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