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Introducing COTECH Biosafe – The long-term solution that provides protection and peace of mind.

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The past 18 months have been challenging to say the least, but here at The Safety Letterbox Company we have been working on new partnerships to future proof our products and services.

Our exclusive partnership with Coatings Tech Limited allows us to offer an additional service that can be applied to our mailboxes and parcel boxes giving you extra peace of mind.

COTECH BioSafe in partnership with Microban, the global leader in antimicrobial technology, bring you a protective coating which protects surfaces, reduces costs and kills 99.9% of microorganisms. By combining, they have created a unique coating that is designed to provide durable protection for all metallic, powder coated and plastic letterbox surfaces, buildings, and public spaces.

Some Key Benefits of COTECH BioSafe are

  • Will help reduce bacteria and microorganisms by 99.9% – helping you futureproof your services.
  • Adds up to 8 years onto the lifespan of your surfaces with a 9H measurement for hardness and durable protection.
  • It is UV Stable which prevents discoloration and protects your surfaces.
  • The coating gives you 24/7 protection and works around the clock, meaning you don’t have to.
  • With an integrated anti-fingerprint technology, there isn’t any need for harsh chemicals – Just a simple microfibre cloth.
  • The coating conforms to UK Fire Safety Standards.
Steve Galinsky, Managing Director of Coatings Tech

‘We are delighted to have this unique and exclusive partnership with The Safety Letterbox Company. COTECH Biosafe can be applied as an additional finish to the wide range of high-quality products that The Safety Letterbox Company provides’


Alison Orrells, Managing Director at The Safety Letterbox Company, said:

“As UK market leaders we are continually innovating and ensuring our customers have the very best mailbox and parcelbox options available to them. Working exclusively in collaboration with Cotech provides an additional benefit to the end user and ensures a solution to maintaining the factory finish of high end materials plus also with Biosafe it provides the additional peace of mind that provision has been made for the ability to clean effectively and reduce the spread of viruses and germs.

We look forward to offering this service as an optional extra to our wide range of clients.”


This incredible addition allows us to offer long-term lasting products that lead the market and pave the way for the future.

If you would like to chat to a member of staff about COTECH BioSafe or any other products and services, then get in touch by filling out the form below or calling us on 01639 633525.

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